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Dino Tuesday’s

Event Date:
May 26, 2020 - August 11, 2020

things-to-do-with-kids-in-st-george-utJoin us this summer (2020) in our classroom for fun and educational activities during our Dino Tuesday’s! These activities are included with regular admission fees and are meant to enhance your museum experience. Activities are held throughout the day, from 10 am. to 6 pm. and take about 10-20 minutes to complete. Additionally, some activities include take-home crafts and prizes.

Dates of Activities

May 26th: Recycled Art – Join the members of your community in creating prehistoric-themed sculptures that will be made from (sanitized) recyclable trash.

June 2nd: Dig for Dinos – Dig through the sand to uncover and clean up hidden artifacts. The first artifact you find is yours to keep!

June 9th:  Play-Doh Footprints – Make a take-home cast of a baby dinosaur footprint with Play-Doh.

June 16th: Dino Bingo – Test your luck in a game of Dino Bingo! Winners will receive a prize.

June 23rd: Paper Plate Dinos – Use paper plates to create a dinosaur or dinosaur mask – you choose!

June 30th: Fossil Lab Tours – Explore behind the scenes in our Fossil Lab! Learn what goes into the excavation and preservation of all the amazing fossils at the St. George Discovery Site; beginning at 10AM.

July 7th: Dino Demos – Join us in learning all about the creatures that were walking, flying, and swimming around Utah during the time of the dinosaurs!

July 14th: Puzzled Dinos – Our classroom is going to be filled with plenty of different dino-themed puzzles for you to choose from!

July 21st: Geo Experiments – Experiment with Geology: how to tell what kind of rock you have and learn about different qualities many rocks have.

July 28th: Plaster of Paris Dinos – Make your very own dinosaur magnet, ornament, or paperweight from scratch out of plaster of paris!

August 4th: Walk like a Dino – Learn how the dinosaurs walked by using fun props like dino tails, dino claws, crutches, slippers and more!

August 11th: Be a Paleontologist for a Day – Experience what it is like to be a Paleontologist uncovering fossils for the very first time! In this activity, we will be uncovering and cleaning up real fossils of prehistoric organisms.